Retribution (The CIA International Thriller Series Part 3)

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Killing Time (CIA International Thriller #2) by R. Lawson

Monday, June 22 The shooter was just around the corner from me. To get to him, I would need to cross N Street. Naval Operations, and now he was hunkered down inside the entryway of Building I suspected he was trying to find an exit out of the former shipyard. If I remained at my present location, at the corner of Building , he would walk right into my waiting arms when he crossed N Street. I stayed put. Three months earlier, the DDO had placed me on medical leave after the two of us had engaged in a very public spat regarding his competency.

The feds believe the shooters could be part of a coordinated attack against all government agencies in the area.

See a Problem?

The CIA is an obvious target. He was quiet for several seconds, and I imagined him aligning the corners of the pile of papers in front of him—a compulsive habit and one of his many idiosyncrasies. The FBI is sifting through the intel on him as we speak, and our own analysts are scanning the data banks as well. Salazar was the head of the Latin American desk at the Agency. Instead, his focus was on the drug cartels operating in his territory, and, for that reason, everyone around the Agency called him Cartel Carlos. Both Salazar and Carlton had been part of the Clear Signal team directing Ben Mitchell and me as we tried to stop a Hezbollah assassin from murdering a high-profile government official in Caracas, Venezuela.

He also called Ben Mitchell, who was in D. I might head over there myself. Stay updated via RSS. That had brought a smile to my face. No, scratch that.

Frank Bowen Conspiracy Thriller Series: Books 1-3

He handled things. Most of the time, I let him. Purchase your copy of Five Years in Yemen from Amazon here. Tehran, Iran October 6, I was ahead of schedule. Some Agency operatives might consider my early arrival a little excessive. They could be right. Farid was the rich playboy. I had my doubts about that. As recruits go, Farid had been an easy target.

Was I yielding to my compulsive tendencies by doing the extra recon? It felt like an eternity. He was wrong about that.

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Not so. Is she on this flight? You can be sure of that. He looked surprised. Those coordinates had pinpointed Club Nocturno as his last known location. Revolutionaries—not so much. If I crossed N Street, he would have a clear shot at me. I decided to wait him out. Not to his face, though. But then, it was. Download your copy of Three Weeks in Washington on Amazon. Older Entries. Blog at WordPress. Titus Ray Thrillers. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Post to Cancel. I truly enjoyed these books. Book1, False Flag, was a very intense politically thriller about a man set up as a terrorist while in Hong Kong.

American Assassin - “Retribution” TV Spot

He was working for for the UK government at the time. The UK government is after him and the Hong Kong government. Soon Lots of governments have his picture.

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There is a lot of twists and turns, action, adventure, suspense, and a slight touch of romance in here. Fast paced. Book 2 is Pandora Red and it is just as much a suspenseful thriller as book one. There are secret files that show how the UK is spying on it's people.

Everyone wants the file and will do anything to get it. It is the UK version of the Snowden files! Government never admits wrong doing and accuses the whistleblower. But the story here is totally different! Wild and action packed! Our guy must quit trusting his MI6 friend! Book 3, Ghost Order, deals with transporting an American from point A to B, no airplane, and keep him alive.

There are a lot of people wanting him. They don't care how many or who the kill to get him. I liked this one best. This was a great set and I probably wouldn't have read it if I hadn't made the effort to expand my wings! The narration was wonderful, just like a British spy novel should sound in my head! I struggled to finish listening to Frank Bowen Conspiracy Thrillers. I feel it has been written before. There were too many characters for me. I did enjoy the descriptions of all the places Frank Bowen traveled to during his escapades.

Jimmy Duffy was one of my favorite characters. He was funny and I believe a great friend to Frank. Nero was evil just as his name sounds. The story did pick up a bit in the middle but then I felt the ending was abruptly short. And all so predictable. Chris MacDonnell was a good narrator for this book especially with his accent.

There were so many characters and organizations to keep track of that I really did not get who's who and who is good or bad. However, it was how Frank Bowen got himself into the line of work and sets the basis for the rest of the series. If I read this book on it's own, i think I would have given it only 2 stars, but luckily I got the box set, and the stories do get better.

Book 2 - Pandora Red This was another complicated book with lots of organizations and characters to try and keep track of. I liked the Liberatus angle that was added, but it sort of got washed out by all the other things happening in the book. I also started off really disliking Frank, pretending to do everything for his family, but actually just being absent when he is at home with all the "I work hard so when I'm at home I just want a beer and relax" stuff.

It made it a bit hard to believe that he was so concerned for the well being of his family when they were kidnapped. Maybe that's just me though. Book 3 - Ghost Order This was by far my favourite book and definitely saved the series. On it's own, I think it would be a solid 4 star read.

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I would like to see more stories involving Liberatus. About the narrator When I finished listening to the last book, I really thought "wow, this narrator was really good" and gave him 4 stars for his performance, but then as I typed this reveiw I realised that I really hated the way he made Maria sound.

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