Supply Chain Analysis

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5 Key Supply Chain Models and Methods that are Used to Analyze Supply Chains

Fleets must be properly sized and maintained. In complex networks, empty equipment such as air or postal containers, or railcars must be re-positioned to ensure that there are always available at loading points. Each transport mode is subject to different pressures, such as the cost of fuel, labor costs, network congestion, and competition for capacity.

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Introduction to Supply Chain Analytics course

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Scheer, A. Silver, E. Stewart, G. Supply-Chain Council Supply chain operations reference-model — version 5.

SCOR Overview. Version 8. Tempelmeier, H. Weber, J. This provides insight into the types of inputs that need to be imported and could point to the opportunities for attracting businesses within certain industries. This information is available from sources including WISER and DataMyne can also often be accessed from your state international trade office.

Market Research and Interviews — Once potential expansion industries are identified, market research should be conducted to determine whether the industries would be a good fit for the region given existing market conditions as well as the regional, national, and global demand drivers and projections. Interviews with industry representatives are also helpful in determining the requirements necessary for an industry to consider expanding in a region.

Check your local and university college libraries for other sources.

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Love the Navigator? The end goal of a supply chain analysis is to identify a targeted list of companies for attraction and expansion and ultimately convince them to set up shop or expand in the region, or in some cases to identify companies that need access to new markets in order to remain in the region. The tools and techniques mentioned above are a way of narrowing down all the potential industries to just a handful that would be the best fit for the region.

Supply chain analysis

A database of business listings, such as ReferenceUSA , can then be used to compile a list of companies that fall within the targeted industries for ongoing marketing, attraction, and business support efforts. View the discussion thread.

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